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Community Based Supports

Granite Bay Care offers a wide range of community based support options. This can range from providing a few hours of help in a person’s own home to providing an intensive residential program with around-the-clock clinical consultation. No matter the level of services needed, we encourage everyone we support to become active, engaged, and valued members in their communities.

  • Developing community living skills
  • Participation in recreation and leisure opportunities
  • Build relationships
  • Learn negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  • Volunteer or work

Safety is always at the forefront for both the individual and the community.

Innovative Services for Unique Challenges

Individuals enter into and move through our programs along a continuum of care. Our inter-departmental team includes operational, crisis, nursing, and clinical consultants. Our staff has a demonstrated track record of success in creating a climate of mutual acceptance and appreciation between the staff and supported persons. The quality of this bond has had profound therapeutic impact on the persons we support. In many instances, this bond provides a means for them to achieve personal goals and dreams.

Granite Bay Care provides innovative service models based on our focus on relationships and the unique challenges each supported person faces in their lives. Individuals enter into and move through our programs along a continuum of care. Our inter-departmental team includes operational, crisis, nursing, and clinical consultants. Our staff has a demonstrated track record of success in creating a climate of mutual acceptance and appreciation between the staff and supported persons. The quality of this bond has had profound therapeutic impact on the persons we support. In many instances, this bond provides a means for them to achieve personal goals and dreams.

Please take a moment to explore the types of community living opportunities we offer through our residential services program’s continuum of care:

Live-In House Manager Program Model

The Live-In House Manager Model is the most intensive level of support offered within GBC’s Continuum of Care. This unique model has proven to be extraordinarily effective in supporting the needs of individuals who exhibit high risk, challenging behaviors, who have a high need for consistency, and who have been unsuccessful in more traditional group home or shared living settings.

The core element of this approach is the ability to provide all services and supports through a singular lens, the Live-In House Manager. This dedicated individual agrees to commit themselves to providing a unified therapeutic approach, in a home atmosphere free from the institutional trappings normally associated with more traditional group home models (i.e. frequent shift-changes, unclear expectations, etc.).

Progress toward community integration is supported and assessed through contributions to the welfare of others in the home, sharing, negotiation, conflict resolution, and opportunities for validation. Community attachment is fostered through the pursuit of unpaid or paid vocational opportunities, community involvement (e.g. grocery shopping), and community based recreation (i.e. YMCA), with the safety of the individual and the community, always at the forefront as a goal.

Shift-Staffed Program Model

Granite Bay Care offers a residential or shift-staffed 24/7 model of support providing professional, trained staff and individualized supports within community-based homes. These small two-person (unlicensed) or three-four person (licensed) homes can be designed to meet a wide range of person-centered needs from teaching independent living skills to providing medically intensive levels of care and support.

Through person-centered plans, individuals are encouraged to express and exert the fullest range of choice possible in their daily lives, and in doing so, are able to develop a genuine sense of self-determination. This autonomy is not to be confused with isolation. To promote an expanding circle of natural supports, the Agency offers a sense of community and belonging for every person receiving care allowing them to live with dignity, safety, and hope.

In-Home Supports

Granite Bay Care offers in-home care and support to persons with developmental disabilities of all ages who are living with family or on their own, in communities where they have established a sense of permanency. Our services extend care into existing environments and contexts offering assistance within a reassuring context. With an emphasis on autonomy and self-determination, person-centered care is flexible, intended to work with and around the changing demands and schedules of the supported individual, and their personal circumstances. As such, supported individuals are invited to participate in the interview, selection, and evaluation of their supports and staff.

Emergency and Crisis Supports

Granite Bay Care offers short-term care and support for persons in crisis with nowhere else to turn or who are waiting for section 21 waiver level funding. The Agency offers the capacity to perform intensive functional, behavioral, psychological and nursing assessments to assist those teams requiring suitable long-term care. Granite Bay Care provides crisis services at two program sights located in Windham and Lewiston as well as in permanent placement programs as available. All crisis placements are determined by the Office of Aging and Disability Services crisis team. If you are in need of a crisis bed please contact OADS Crisis Services at (207) 822-2000 and ask for a crisis team member. Opportunities are limited based upon availability.

High Risk and Forensic Programming and Supports

Granite Bay Care leads the State in it’s ability to serve the needs of individuals with Developmental Disabilities who exhibit high risk behaviors, and/or who have committed criminal offenses and require a program that will not only provide for their needs, but also for the needs and safety of the community at large. Granite Bay Care’s clinical, administrative and front line staff work closely with law enforcement and probation/parole officers to ensure a client’s success.

It should be noted that GBC has never discharged or refused services to any consumer because of the clinical or behavioral challenges the individual presented, and as a result, has undeniably become the provider of choice, and often the provider of last resort, for difficult to serve individuals in Maine, particularly those with high-risk, challenging behaviors that have not been successful in other settings.

* GBC’s Residential and Community Based Supports are provided under the MaineCare Waiver(s), contracts with the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, or through private-pay arrangements.

Clinical Supports

Granite Bay Care creates safe residential living opportunities that are supported by structured programming, and managed by a professional staff who work with our clients to assist them in defining and achieving their individual goals. Our clinical staff is a highly educated (doctoral or masters-level) group of psychologists, nurses, and social workers. They work with allied health providers to provide the best medical and behavioral health care available to our clients, many of whom have unique and challenging clinical profiles.

Our clinical staff work to thoroughly understand each and every client as best as possible. What develops and results from this understanding is accurate evaluations, effective behavior plans, and meaningful programming services. However, a plan is never final. We continuously re-evaluate and update plans as our clients experience personal growth. Our program managers are then trained to apply the plans, consistently, in the homes.

Individuals with an elevated criminal or forensic profile will receive specialized clinical services, such as trauma informed therapy, forensic consultations, and other risk-focused interventions. The services are designed to support our clients as well as to protect the community. Ultimately we believe that within every client exists the potential for continued growth. Our goal is to provide support services that enable a rich life full of activity and opportunity for every client.

Nursing Supports

Our nursing staff are active members of the Developmental Disabilities Nurses Association (DDNA) and hold National Developmental Disabilities certifications. Our nurses provide the following valuable services within our company:

  • Provide general nursing consultation to staff and consumers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Educate the direct support staff in the safe administration of medications via the state approved Certified Residential Medication Aid (CRMA) classes.
  • Ensure the quality of in-home services and adherence to best practices.
  • Providing consumer education in self-administration of medications, for those individuals desiring a greater level of independence.
  • Oversee and procure medical supplies, referrals, and information needed by clients and staff.
  • Educate on diabetes and other medical and health related issues.
  • Participate in the person-centered planning (PCP) process, if requested.

Medication Management

Granite Bay Care contracts with local psychiatric providers to provide “in-house” medication management for consumers whose teams believe that they benefit from having “wrap-around” clinical, medical, psychiatric, and residential services and supports. By contracting with psychiatric practitioners, instead of relying solely on community based providers, GBC is able to assemble the consumer’s entire clinical team under one roof, to ensure that everyone has access to the most current information, and has the ability to confer and consult with other members of the clinical team “in the moment” thereby providing the highest quality of services possible.

Referral & Intake Process

Granite Bay Care accepts individuals deemed eligible for services by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Office of Aging and Disability Services and currently approved for waiver services. Services are also provided through other state and federal funding sources, contracts, and through private pay arrangements.

Those interested in making a formal referral for services may request to be contacted using the online form below, or for more immediate consideration, you may download and complete a referral application, detailing the needs of the individual to be served, and the nature of requested services.

Following a review of the application materials, you will be contacted by a GBC representative to review the application materials, and determine if Granite Bay Care is an appropriate fit for the individual in need of services.

Unfortunately, because of the intense demand for some GBC services, particularly in those programs that provide supports to individuals who have been labeled as “difficult to serve” by other agencies, GBC is not always able to provide immediate supports to individuals in need of placement. GBC does maintain an internal waiting list to address this concern, and will actively work to develop new residences and/or supports for individuals and treatment teams when an immediate vacancy is not available for an individual requiring the intensive level of supports GBC has become known for.


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Granite Bay Care is committed to creating and maintaining community integration for individuals with Developmental Disabilities, while assisting them to obtain fundamental rights and increasing their quality of life.

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